brox Summerparty 2022

On the weekend of July 1, 2022, the long-awaited summer party of the two partner companies brox & eccenca took place in the Panoramatower in Leipzig. With a cheerful atmosphere and a flying buffet, we toasted the successful year 2022 so far…

Generating Lead Information

Customer relationship management in the heavy industry domain is characterized by large customer databases that sometimes lack actionable information such as the business area the client is operating in. Gaining new actionable client information is vital, while manually finding this information is cumbersome…

HEX Festival

In the beautiful Braunschweig, the first festival of this kind took place in the MMI Klostergarten in Riddagshausen. Well-known speakers from science, culture, medicine and the media were invited to share hopes and expectations for our future. Our colleague Sandro Siebke attented the festival.

Pharma Semantic Search

The integration of information from regulatory documents and R&D databases often requires a manual search in various documents and databases. In cooperation with a pharmaceutical company, brox has developed a solution using Knowlede Graphs that enables a simple search in the data…

The Best Practices of Storage Migration Part (3/3)

Often, the company’s IT outsources many tasks associated with a storage migration to an external service provider. Yet the basic to-dos are generally known and are sometimes explicitly included in the companys list of requirements. The details: An analysis…

Storage Migration Pitfalls Part (2/3)

Good communication is one of the key success factors in your storage migration. You should not underestimate the number of processes, departments and people involved. In addition, the many people involved who do not have a background in IT do not always have the technical understanding…

Good reasons for storage migration Part (1/3)

Data volumes seem to be growing inexorably. The Internet of Things and many other technologies are contributing to this. Production processes in companies often have a particularly large share in this growth. But today, it is just as often about analysing customer behaviour in real time…

Birches for climate neutrality

We are always looking for innovative and future-oriented solutions for our customers. Likewise, we strive to act in a future-oriented manner in our day-to-day work. In this article, you can find out how we managed to fulfill our ecological responsibility at the corporate level and therefore become climate-neutral.

Team event 2021: Christmas party in Wolfsburg

On Thursday, 02.12.2021 the brox Christmas party took place. Unlike planned, there was no bowling at “Strike”, but a digital quiz took place. In this quiz, ten teams from different corners of Germany competed against each other, and the winner was promised a surprise.

Teamevent 2021: Geocaching

On September 3, 2021, Team Wolfsburg got together for a geocaching team event at the planetarium in Wolfsburg. Geocaching is a kind of GPS scavenger hunt with the goal of finding the respective hiding places, so-called caches. Equipped with a GPS device and divided into groups of three, our team went on the search.