Design scope

“I have not regretted the change to a small owner-managed consulting company. I really like working at brox IT-Solutions, as the flat hierarchies give me a wide scope to react quickly and result-oriented to the customer’s wishes in my function. I regularly encounter new challenges in my work and look forward to mastering them with my motivated team.”

Career changer in IT

„I am a trained business assistant and foreign language correspondent, with more than 10 years of experience as an executive assistant in various industries and large corporations, as well as another 17 years as an expert within the field of professional development. Every now and then I was on the lookout for a new professional challenge, but it never really fit. Since brox welcomes career changers, I am now supporting several customer projects after joining brox and can actively help shape the brox strategy thanks to my previous professional experience. I am very grateful for the opportunity to break new ground at my age. 


“Here at brox, I can live my personal work-life balance.I can take on diverse and interesting tasks and responsibilities, and combine them optimally with my need for flexible working hours.The model “working part-time successfully” can be implemented very well at brox.”

Career opportunities

“I joined brox as a consultant in 2021. Because of the support I received, I was able to progress in the way I wanted: After a short time, I had the opportunity to take over the management of the Information Management department. I appreciate that brox IT-Solutions GmbH supports me in my further development and gives me the opportunity to take over responsibility.”


“In times of climate change crisis, I think it’s quite wonderful that brox has planted 1500 birch trees in an area the size of a soccer field. Over the course of their lives, the birch trees will remove around 500 tons of CO2 from the air – a valuable contribution to climate protection. I would like to see many more companies follow this example. At present, many forests around the world are being cut down or are burning in the summer because of the heat. Every tree planted makes our environment a bit more livable, produces valuable (construction) wood and oxygen at the same time, and prevents soil erosion through the root system.”

Work and study

“The flexible working model as well as the support in financing my studies allow me to manage my studies to the full extent alongside my work. I can rely on the experience of my colleagues at any time and feel well equipped to face every challenge. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to master my academic and professional career together with our team.”

Team spirit

“Since my first day as a working student at brox, I have felt like a fully-fledged member of the team. The team has warmly welcomed me and integrated me into their processes. Despite, that my colleagues live all over Germany, we see each other at various team events. This creates a strong sense of cohesion, which is reflected in the daily work. When questions arise, you quickly find the right contact person and receive a qualified answer. I am happy to be part of the team.”

Flexible working times

“brox IT-Solutions offers flexible working hours. I can also work from home, which allows me to decide when and where I work. This means I can balance my private life and work, much better. It makes work fun and provides me enough time to create balance for myself!”