Research project

semantic data shopping

Due to today’s flood of information and the constant growth of data in companies, the effort required for data management increases significantly and with it the costs. In addition, the time required to search for documents increases, work processes become complex and it is difficult to find specific documents due to the individual structures of employees.

As a result, change control and versioning of Office documents, for example, becomes much more difficult. A product is being developed with which the most diverse stakeholders in an organisation can get an overview of the data used and available in the company in an easily understandable way and can shop for it in a similar way to a web shop.

This product, called Semantic Data Shopping, structures the available data with the help of a company ontology and thus represents a direct interface to the company data, which works with the vocabulary from the domain of the specialist users.

Period: March 2018-October 2019 | Funding programme: NBank, Europe for Lower Saxony EFRE funding for the regions of Lower Saxony